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At Diesel & Turbo, we recognize the critical role that spark plugs and glow plugs play in maximizing engine efficiency. That's why we take great pride in being the exclusive distributor of DENSO Glow Plugs and DENSO Spark Plugs in New Zealand.

DENSO is renowned worldwide for its exceptional quality and innovative technology, and we are delighted to bring their superior products to our customers. Whether you need glow plugs for diesel engines or spark plugs for gasoline engines, our extensive range of DENSO products ensures that we have the perfect solution for your specific engine requirements.

By choosing Diesel & Turbo as your trusted supplier, you can count on receiving top-of-the-line spark plugs and glow plugs that are designed to deliver optimal performance and reliability. DENSO's advanced engineering ensures precise ignition, enhanced fuel efficiency, and reduced emissions, making a significant impact on your engine's overall efficiency and longevity.

Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you in selecting the right DENSO Glow Plugs or Spark Plugs for your engine. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of customer service, ensuring that you have access to the best products that meet your needs.

Experience the difference that DENSO Glow Plugs and Spark Plugs can make in optimizing your engine's efficiency. Trust Diesel & Turbo as your premier distributor of DENSO products in New Zealand. Contact us today to discover the superior performance and reliability of our glow plugs and spark plugs


Denso Iriduim TT

DENSO IRIDIUM TT spark plugs having a φ0.4 mm iridium alloy center electrode and a 0.7 mm needle-type platinum alloy ground electrode.

The quenching effect has been decreased by forming the electrode into a double needle shape. As a result, the flame kernel rapidly develops and the engine's power is drawn out to its maximum potential
Denso Ir TT

 Denso Nickel TT


Thin center electrode (1.5mm)
Double Needle structure (a first with nickel)
Utilizes nickel alloy featuring new materials
2Model consolidation : Model 290 → Model 16

Denso Nickel TT

Denso Iriduim Tough


By greatly minimizing electrode wear, DENSO improved mileage and extended the plug’s useful life. Longevity provides you with peace of mind and safety when using IRIDIUM TOUGH.

Denso Ir Tough

Denso Iriduim Racing

 It’s the age of iridium electrodes. Discover more acceleration with 0.4 mm DENSO Racing Plugs. Denso Ir Racing

Denso Glow Plugs

With 167 parts covering more than 8,000 applications, discover why DENSO glow plugs are the OE industry standard

Denso Glow Plugs