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For over three decades, Diesel & Turbo has been a trusted distributor of lubricants. As a testament to our expertise and commitment to quality, we have proudly served as the lower North Island distributor for Caltex Lubricants for the past 20 years.

Caltex, represented by their iconic logo, offers a comprehensive range of high-performance lubricants that cater to a wide array of requirements. These cutting-edge oils incorporate the latest technological advancements and are meticulously blended from premium base stocks and additives. This ensures that they exceed the demands of even the most severe operating conditions.


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Modern automotive, heavy-duty, industrial, and marine engines have unique lubrication needs, dictated by factors such as engine type, design, operating conditions, and required service classification. At Diesel & Turbo, we understand these nuances, which is why we stock an extensive inventory of over 120 Caltex lubricants at our two distribution centers. This diverse range allows us to provide tailored lubrication solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers.


By partnering with Diesel & Turbo, you gain access to Caltex's exceptional lubricant products, which are designed to enhance performance, protect vital engine components, and extend the lifespan of your machinery. Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you in selecting the ideal Caltex lubricant that aligns with your unique requirements.

Experience the quality and reliability of Caltex Lubricants through Diesel & Turbo's extensive distribution network. Contact us today to discover the perfect lubrication solution for your automotive, heavy-duty, industrial, or marine applications.


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For over 100 years, Havoline engine oils have been trusted and tested by customers around the world to deliver engine erformance and protection, from Formula 1®, NASCAR® and Le Mans to the rigours of everyday driving.

Deposits in the engine create friction and rob engines of performance and fuel efficiency. Havoline’s Deposit Shield technology helps protect engine components from the constant onslaught of harmful deposits and wear, even in extreme driving conditions.


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Delo® products are designed for on- and off-highway applications, ranging from truck and bus transportation to construction, mining, agriculture and power generation. Across industries, Delo's premium lubricants deliver world-class protection, performance and maximum operational reliability in a wide range of operating conditions.
Top performing heavy duty diesel engine oils, coolants/antifreeze, transmission fluids, gear oils, greases and hydraulic oils. Delo with ISOSYN® Technology gives you the performance, protection and confidence you need to help your business go further.
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